Pilot Pins

Pilot Pins are made of specially hardened steel. These pins retain their center point sharpness for large number of drilling operations. The pins are ground on CNC machines to give smooth finish and precise circularity over the entire length.

Two-part pilot pins are also available for long cutters:

1. Suitable for cutting holes on various materials with high speed.
2. Selected special-purpose carbide tips for reduced damage to tips and better endurance.
3. Multi-cut geometry for increased chip removal and less resistance.
4. Various shank versions fit all magnetic drills and press.

TCT Cutter RangePilot Pin
35 mm to 50 mm TCT 50 mm(2'') Depth. of Cut Dia 6.35mm*106mm Dia 7.98mm*108mm Dia 7.98mm*113mm
TCT 75 mm (3'') Depth. of Cut Dia. 7.98mm*130mmDia. 7.98mm*145mm
TCT 100 mm (4'') Depth. of Cut Dia. 7.98mm*160mmDia. 7.98mm*175mm
HSS Cutter RangePilot Pin
HSS 35mm-50mm Dia. 6.35mm*102mm
HSS 75mm (3'') Depth of cut Dia. 7.98mm*130mm
HSS 100mm (4'') Depth of cut Dia. 7.98mm*160mm