Method of application

Weldon Shank(1): The handle of two planes aim at the two acrow holes on the drill spindle. With a hex wrench to tighten and leaving a gap of 0.2-0.3 mm, Back and forth with your hand to confirm socket head screwperpendicular to the tow planes , then screw down and screws.

Universal Shank(2): The handle of two planes aim at steel ball within the drill chunk, then loaded into chunk. Universal shank can also be used socket head screws, As long as pocket head screw perpendicular to the two planes.

Foein Shank(3): Turn on insurance ring of the main shaft clockwise to the right way, let handle and insert into directly, rotate in small rangeuntill steel ball enter into the hole.

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[The usage of manual cutter]
Annular cutter (care drill), it can cutting all kind of steel, steel pipe, cast iron, stainless steel , Minimum copper and various non-metalic materials.