HSS Cutters

BFC Annular Cutters are made of special Blended HSS Alloy Steel which results in Edge Sharpness that tasts longer, drilling more holes than standard HSS cutters.

BFC Shanks

HSS Annular Cutters are available with WELDON Shank of 19.05 mm. These cutters can also be sued on machines using cutters with UNIVERSAL shank (one touch type) or quick-in shank by using suitable adapters.

HSS Cutters use on workshop machines

HSS Annular Cutters are suitable for use also on workshop drills. CNC machining centers etc (using broach cutter arbors). They eliminate step drilling and holes can be cut upto 3-5 times faster as compared to when using solid drills.

HSS Cutter Range

  • 35 mm to 50 mm
  • TCT 75 mm (3'') Depth. of Cut
  • TCT 100 mm (4'') Depth. of Cut