Drills and Reamers

Combination Drill/Reamers are spiral fluted, end cutting tools designed to act as both a tool for creating holes and reaming the holes to a precise size and smooth finish in a single operation. Chucking reamers have round, straight shanks which can be mounted in chucks, collets or similar toolholders and may be used with a variety of standard portable or stationary machines such as drill presses, turret lathes and screw machines. Drill and Reamer Combination tools have deep flutes for proper chip removal, and produce accurate holes with tolerances of ±.0001" in a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Jobbers Length or Taper Length models available. Suitable cutting oils or appropriate coolant fluids are recommended for most reaming operations.


A reamer is a type of rotary cutting tool used in metalworking. Precision reamers are designed to enlarge the size of a previously formed hole by a small amount but with a high degree of accuracy to leave smooth sides.

There are also non-precision reamers which are used for more basic enlargement of holes or for removing burrs. The process of enlarging the hole is called reaming. There are many different types of reamer and they may be designed for use as a hand tool or in a machine tool, such as a milling machine or drill press.

Step Drill

1. Made of high quality high speed steel.
2. Various sizes are available upon request.